Cityland Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd

Cityland Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd

Business registration Certificate was firstly issued by HCMC Department of Planning and Investment on July 8th, 2003, the 20th amendment registration on January 13th, 2015, Corporate code: 0302980690. The company has been building a solid foundation and with growing strengths through investments in real estate; construction; management and marketing of projects; management office building for rent; consulting; design and furnishing exterior decoration; manufacture and trading construction materials. 

Cityland Garden Hills Project perspective photo

Cityland Real Estate Investment Co., LTD. (Cityland)’s motto is "Pro-Prestige-Quality". This motto looks towards the future and is popularised throughout the company. It summarises the corporate values and aspirations of the corporation. Hence it has contributed towards creating. A competitive spirit and desire for excellence that has enabled our business to survive and thrive.

In this context, Vietnam is a member of WTO, which has opened up many cooperative opportunities for Vietnamese companies with foreign investors and has boosted the country's economic grow. Aware of this, Cityland Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. (Cityland) determines that we will become one of foremost businesses in real estate in the future. The company has already become a recognised brand leader in the real estate field.

Cityland Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. (Cityland) is aware that the company’s existence and development has been associated with the market and we should satisfy the demand for all users. In the context of integration with the current economy, the company has identified the clear objectives as follows:

- Providing customers with the best products in the real estate sector, bringing families warm shelter, happy    houses, comfortable and airy living environment for the city people.

- Investing in the construction of buildings, residential areas, commercial centers, rivaling international regions.

- Contributing to the economic and social development for the future development of the community.

- Creating a dynamic and efficient working environment, facilitating the qualification and improvement of  company staff.