Project overview

New standard for lifestyle

With a busy life, what you want is to find a place where you can be relaxed, comfortable and which has modern facilities designed into a perfect living space.

A harmonious environment combined with the luxury of living space. A green vision filled with trees and water. A well-equipped place, a convenient location close to shopping centers. Garden Hills offers you the best things in life in the most dynamic urban development in Vietnam.

A solid foundation

CityLand Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. (CityLand ) with experience and success in residential projects such as CityLand Riverside residential area, CityLand residential area in District 2, CityLand Garden Hills residential area clearly demonstrate their project capability in the real estate business. Aware of this, CityLand applies the motto "Pro-Prestige-Quality" in order to ensure that it becomes recognised as a world-class brand in the real estate sector in Vietnam. 

CityLand Garden Hills residential area is located right on Phan Van Tri street, near the Binh Loi- Tan Son Nhat ring road (Pham Van Dong street) with easy access to the Central Districts in Q1, airport,... CityLand Garden Hills residential area has a total area of 140,034.5 m2 of which is for housing land: 30,770.44 m2, land for school education: 12,153.12 m2, public works land: 4,034.54m2, the green land for public use: 17,140.36 m2, transportation land: 45,936.04 m2. The project of CityLand Garden Hills residential area with harmonious designs integrates a Center Mall (3ha), along with the commercial townhouses, the Villa area and has created a green complex in the heart of the city.

The ideal living space with perfect services and unsurpassed facilities

An ideal space and living environment always satisfies the need for enjoying your life and is the standard measurement for a meaningful life. Garden Hills meets all needs to enjoy the perfect life. CityLand Garden Hills residential area is an overall harmonious, impressive architecturally attractive project with fresh natural scenery. Come to Garden Hills, you will feel comfortable, immerse yourself in its clean spaces among its cool green canopy separated from the busy world.

In addition, Garden Hills always ensures modern amenities, interiors with luxurious materials and with interior harmony and symmetry. A perfect combination for your home raised to the level of luxury class. Garden Hills also offers these services for your enjoyment such as the system of commercial centers, swimming pools, schools, fitness -sport zones, tennis course, movies, security 24/24 hours ... are built in a modern style. Not only that, the Investor of Garden Hills always pays attention to education therefore he has reserved a space for the construction of a high school right in the heart of the project, enabling the children living in Garden Hills to have opportunity to study and develop.

The modern life leads to much pressure and stress, but if you choose an ideal living space such as in Garden Hills with modern facilities to satisfy all your needs, you will find the necessary balance for yourselves. It is the new standard for a quality lifestyle.

Project of CityLand Garden Hills residential area was invested by CityLand Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd, with the total investment amounting to 2,516 billion Dong. 

Scope: The project of CityLand Garden Hills Residential area has:

Total investment capital: 2,516 billion dong, Building density: 29.3%, land use coefficient: 1.67

With a total area up to 14ha, CityLand Garden Hills residential area was designed into the complex including: Center Mall (3ha which is the largest in Go Vap), schools, townhouses and luxury villas with:

There are 231 townhouses of an area from 114 m2-120 m2-126 m2.

There are 37 single villas of an area of 220m2.

There are 62 twin villas by area from 171m2 (9x19)-254.49 m2.


Figure: detailed construction planning of 1/500, CityLand Garden Hills residential area


CityLand residential Garden Hills is designed harmony between commercial centers, office buildings, townhouses, single and twin villas, and the large green areas creating a green complex in the heart of the city. 

Location project

Location of CityLand Garden Hills residential area, Go Vap 

CityLand residential Garden Hills is located at 168 Phan Van Tri St., ward 10, Go Vap District, HCMC covering 1.5 km on the front of Phan Van Tri Street in 30 m wide and Duong Quang Ham (40 m wide). Binh Loi -Tan son Nhat ring road (Pham Van Dong street) are only 200 m away, extremely favorable for access to city centers.



Utility projects

CityLand Garden Hills residential area deems to be separated from the noise and excitement of the city, but full of every facility required.

Internal utilities:

  • Sync planning, house model architecture according to European modern, classical style show modern residential.
  • High altitude (the distance from sea level > 10 m), it will not be in risk of any flooding.
  • Maintenance: building maintenance for 2 years, CityLand will supply 03 years of maintenance, and a 50-year warranty.
  • The population education level is high.
  • This is a place for successful, people, and offers closed security and protection 24/24.
  • Underground power system ensures the project safety and beauty.
  • Modern water supply, fire fighting systems.
  • 02 source power system ensures illumination.
  • Advanced water treatment system.
  • Car parking lot.

  • The Center Mall of 3ha funded by Korean Top Retail Group includes: restaurant, hotel, wedding center, supermarket, spa, gym...

  • Schools: kindergartens to high schools of international standard.

  • External facilities:

- Convenient access: connects to Tan Son Nhat Airport and central districts via Pham Van Dong street (width 60 m) (Binh Loi -Tan Son Nhat ring road), monorail no. 3, metro No. 4, Phan Van Tri (30 m), Duong Quang ham (40 m)) etc...


Full utilities connected to:

  • Parks: Gia Dinh, Hoang Van Thu, particularly within Central Park of Go Vap district 37ha, only 2 km away, a five-star hotel, a theatre with 10,000 seats, golf courses, supermarkets, 2,000 vehicle parking lots.
  • Supermarkets: BigC, Coopmart, Van Lang, etc.
  • Schools: kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools, high schools meeting international standard.
  • Hospitals: nearby Vu Anh international Clinic, Hospital 175, Columbia Asia, Hoan My meeting all the health needs of the residents of CityLand Garden Hills. 
  • Pedestrian pathways in all 1.5 km length along Phan Van Tri street, so that the area will become the most bustling shopping area. 

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