Interior - exterior décor<br>design consultancy

Interior - exterior décor
design consultancy

Investment in commercial complex area<br>school infrastructure

Investment in commercial complex area
school infrastructure

Project marketing service

Project marketing service

Project management service<br>Residential management

Project management service
Residential management

Finance investment

Finance investment

Investment in construction of<br>resort real estate

Investment in construction of
resort real estate

Investment in construction of<br>complex residential areas

Investment in construction of
complex residential areas

Real estate and property for<br>sale and lease

Real estate and property for
sale and lease

Vision - Misson

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Vision - Misson


To be the leading brand in Vietnam’s real estate market.

To expand multi-sector business, mainly focus on real estate development.


CityLand aims to set a new standard of happiness and values while maintaining the best quality of life.

Contributing to economy and community development.

Creating an energetic, flexible and innovative working environment to facilitate and bring out the best performance from our people.

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Core Value


Superior quality reflected in every product, service, corporate culture and within each of CityLand’s employees.


Having trust and credibility from customers and business partners is the pride and inspiration for us to endeavor to develop and improve every day.


Products’ values are created from pursuing professionalism in both actions and mindsets of our employees.

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Code of Business Conduct

To our customers

We commit the highest quality on all CityLand branded products.

To our partners

We focus on investment and business strategies, raising goodwill and mutually beneficial cooperation with business partners.

To our employees

We offer a professional working environment with remuneration policies and training programs to encourage personal growth and develop capabilities from our people.